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Kathy's Cleaning ServicesKathy's Cleaning Services

All items in the bathrooms are washed, disinfected and dried.

What exactly we clean is listed below:
 - All mirrors cleaned with glass cleaner
 - Sink and faucet
 - Interior and exterior of the commode
 - Shower doors inside and out
 - Shower stall cleaned top to bottom
 - Bath tub and faucet
 - All woodwork wiped, window-frames, doors, and accessable baseboards

 - Empty all trash
 - Bathroom floor is washed on hands and knees

All Living Spaces:
 - Livingroom, Diningroom, Familyroom, and Bedrooms
 - High and low dust all rooms for cobwebs
 - Pictures on the wall dusted
 - All woodwork wiped, window-frames, doors, and accessible baseboards
 - Mini Blinds dusted
 - All furniture, tops, sides, and bottom dusted.

 - All items removed from the furniture, wiped off and put back in place
 - Furniture vacuumed
 - Switch plates wiped
 - All reachable light fixtures
 - Empty trash
 - Pick up and straighten, linens changed if left out
 - Vacuum all carpeted area's/and or mop floors

 - All exterior of cabinets washed
 - Counter tops washed, all items removed, wiped off and put back in place
 - Exterior of appliances

 - Stove top and hood
 - Top of Refrigerator
 - Interior of Microwave
 - Tables and chairs wiped down
 - All reachable light fixtures
 - Ceiling fans
 - Switch plates wiped
 - Sink and faucet washed, disinfected, and dried
 - Trash emptied
 - Floor vacuumed, and mopped; or washed by hand
*All staff are required to change their rags and mops at every client location

Our Guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work, please call us within 24 hours of your clean and we will return to remedy the situation at no extra fee to you.


Additional Services:

  • These are extra services we can provide for an additional fee.
  • Wall Washing
  • Interior of the refrigerator
  • Interior and Exterior of Windows
  • Interior of the oven
  • Haul outs
  • Garages
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Party Serving ( see our Party page )
  • Small Handy Man Services




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