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Kathy's Kleaning Service provides a free in home estimate to all our clients to give you the exact cost of cleaning your home. Not only do you want to know what to expect from us, we want to know what to expect from you. Coming to meet you at your home prior to cleaning services being started means there are no "surprises" for any of us, and our staff know exactly what they are walking into. We can only give you an "idea" of what our services would cost over the phone. We want to make you a client for life, not chase you away by changing your price due to the fact it was only a phone quote.
With us, there will be no phone calls at work telling you in order to finish the job it will cost you an additional fee, nor do we tell our clients to leave a blank check, or to leave your credit card on file so we can charge what we feel. We schedule a day and time to meet at your home when it is convenient for you. Estimates usually take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending upon the amount of questions you may have on our company or our services. We then establish the scope of the job by touring your home and listing your needs on your estimate sheet. At this time, we note any items that require special care; or items that are not to be included in your house cleaning. This simply can not be done well just communicating over the phone.
Once we have gone thru your home, we can establish the amount of time it will take our staff and give you prices. We determine our fees based upon the size, and condition of your home, as well as the frequency of cleaning. Choosing a cleaning service is an important decision and we never want you to feel obligated to hire our services during your estimate. We want you to try other services before hiring us, in fact we encourage it. This way you'll appreciate us so much more.
  Our Staff
Kathy's Kleaning staff consist of a team of two or three professionally trained and employed by Kathy's Kleaning. We make every attempt to send the same team upon each visit but we realize this is not always possible. Due to staff changes, illness, vacation, etc.. we must occasionally send a different team. We therefore encourage you to communicate your needs to our office so the appropriate information is transferred upon your client sheet. We feel that good communication is crucial to maintaining a good business relationship. Kathy's Kleaning Service employees are insured and bonded, and we pay all necessary taxes; including workers compensation as required by law. Our employees will never eat, drink, or smoke in your home. Nor are they permitted to use your appliances.
All employees of Kathy's Kleaning Service have entered into a "Non-Compete" and "Confidentially" legally binding contract with us upon their first day of employment. This means they are not to discuss any information regarding our clientele, nor are they permitted to work for any of our clientele, whether they are a past or present employee. If you should like to hire any past or present employee of Kathy's Kleaning Service, are referral fee is $2500.00.
  Supplies and Equipment
We provide all supplies and equipment necessary for cleaning your home properly. We realize that you may wish to have our staff use your own cleaners; especially if you have an item that requires special care. We will gladly honor your request but please be advised that we are not responsible for any product damage that we do not carry into your home. Also, if we feel your product can not be safely combined with ours, we may not be able to use it and will contact you about another alternative.
Payment is expected at the time of service unless other arraignments have been made. We gladly accept personal checks, cash, Visa and Mastercard. We do accept out of state checks. Please call all credit information into our office. All checks returned to us for NSF will incur a $40.00 fee upon the next cleaning.
  Access to Your Home
We unfortunately can not predict the time our staff will arrive at your home. We try to give you a window of about two hours as to when to expect them. Many situations can alter our arrival time; whether its construction, traffic, weather conditions or just being delayed by a client. We want to save you time not make you waste it by waiting for us to arrive. The easiest way for us to avoid any inconvenience is to provide with a key or garage code.
Personal property of our clientele is kept in a secure location. Keys are given out to our staff the morning of your cleaning, and they return it at the end of the day. Please take note that when we are in your home that we DO NOT allow third party access. This means we will not allow a repairman, plumber, painter, etc...into your home with out your written permission. If we should arrive upon your scheduled cleaning day, and can not access your home, you will incur a "lock out" fee. This fee is $50.00, and will need to be added into your following clean.
Please consider the staffs lack of knowledge with alarm technology and set your alarm to the "off" position on your day of service. We are not held responsible for any fees incurred due to the security alarms being left in the "Armed" position on your cleaning day.
If you request that the staff engage or disengage the security system upon arrival and exiting, you take full responsibility or the out come of such events should the alarm be triggered, and the security company be notified. Please furnish us with emergency cut off codes and a phone number that you are guaranteed to answer. In the event that your alarm is triggered, and we can not reach you or have the appropriate information law enforcement may be dispatched, and may request we leave the property.
  Power outages/Water cutoffs/No heat
Please call Kathy's Kleaning Service if should experience a power outage or a water cutoff as it is impossible to do our job under these conditions. We realize the utility company may provide you with a time when your electric or water will return during the day and you may want to alternate your time. We have found these times are usually not correct, and will re-schedule your clean to a better time. Should you be moving into or out of a home; and or apartment , all utilities must be on.
Due to the staff's time spent in the pursuit of maintaining our schedules, we charge a fee for any lock-outs or turn-away. We ask that you directly call our office if you should need to cancel your cleaning appointment or to make alternate access arrangements 48 hours in advance. Turning the staff away once they have arrived will incur a turn away fee. These fees are non-negoitable, and we will ask that you include them in your following cleaning fee. Please do not communicate your information to our staff of a cancellation, or how to access your home. Notes get lost in route, or they simply forget at the end of the day. Please call so there is no misunderstanding. These fees are $50.00 per non-entry.
If your regular scheduled cleaning falls upon one of our company holidays we make every effort to re-schedule you. This does not mean that you are automatically re-scheduled before the holiday. We call our clients weeks in advance to try to accommodate every one. Please be advised that once we have you re-scheduled, and should you chose to cancel that cleaning, it may be impossible to re-schedule you again.
Kathy's Kleaning staff is very conscientious when it comes down to handling your personal property. When we clean, we virtually touch every thing. We encourage you to notify us if there is any item in your home that is not to be touched, or any special cleaners that may need to be used to prevent damage. If you should notice any damage or breakage caused by our staff you need to call us within 24 hours of your clean. If an accident does occur by our staff, we try to determine a fair replacement or repair value. We ask that you provide an original receipt, and or at least three estimates. We may also depreciate the value of your item. We do not cover the costs of any items that are currently hanging on the wall, we have found that too many an item are hung incorrectly and fall when they are the slightest bit touched. For insurance purpose, we do not clean computers, and or flat screens on the high definition t.v.'s.
Also, if your broken or damaged item is part of a set, we do not cover the cost of replacing the whole set. We will only cover the cost of the item that was damaged. If an item requires a shipping charge, we only cover the cost of standard shipping, not express or overnight.
  Referral Program
We truly appreciate when our clients pass our name onto family and friends. Should you do so, please make sure they mention your name when calling. After the "referred" client has three cleanings, we will take $20.00 off a cleaning of your choice, or you can simply save it to build up to enough credit to have a free cleaning!

Dear Kathy,

Tim and I were so happy with the cleaning crew yesterday. They did a very thorough job and were really nice. We were especially impressed with how they cleaned up the outside of our white kitchen cabinets and how clean our carpets look. We do want to schedule another cleaning next month.

Thanks so much!

Melanie K.




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