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Owner Kathy George’s mission for Stress Maid Less

My mom was a single mom. Well, not really, but she became a single mom of five girls when my dad passed away from Hodgkin’s lymphoma when I was 3 years old.

My dad knew he was going to die as he was in the last stage, but he never told my mom about his diagnosis and didn’t want her to be alone after he died. So they had me.

After my dad passed away, my mom had to get a job. This also meant that she had to learn how to drive immediately, as she had always been a stay-at-home mom. She worked as a waitress for many, many years, sometimes doubling out her shifts for the lunch and dinner hours to provide for us.

As I became older, she would often say how nice it was to come home late from work (mostly after 11 pm) to see the house cleaned up - even if it was just the laundry folded and put away, or the dishes washed, or the vacuum run.

I never realized how much these tasks meant to her or the joy that it brought to her and made her life a little easier. Having a few items off her plate meant that she could come home and relax. It meant that she didn’t have to wake up extra early the next morning or stress before going to work to try and clean up. It gave her peace of mind knowing she didn’t have to do it all. It gave her time back to spend with her family.

At Stress Maid Less, this is what we strive to achieve with our clients.

Your home is your sanctuary. It shouldn’t be a place of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. It should be a place of beauty, enjoyment, and harmony for you and your family. This is why we do what we do for our clients, and we do it with respect, empathy, and integrity.