Stress Maid Less Residential & Commercial Cleaning Pittsburgh and South Hills PA


Terms and Conditions

By placing a reservation with Stress Maid Less LLC, you, the customer, are bound to the following Stress Maid Less LLC Policies and Procedures, and Terms and Conditions.

*Our Arrival;
There is no need to “clean” before we arrive to your home but do “pick up” as much as possible in the areas we will be cleaning. This allows us to focus more on the detail and quality of our job and maximizes the time we have allotted for your home. If there are areas that are heavily cluttered, we will skip that area.

*Arrival Time:
Due to the nature of our business we can not and will not guarantee an arrival time. We can only give an estimated time, however this may change with or without notice. Client late cancellations, weather conditions, construction, and other unforeseen circumstances alters our schedules greatly. In the event of running earlier than normal or late, we try to give the client as much notice as possible. Stress Maid Less LLC normal business hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday thru Friday. Your home will be serviced on the agreed upon day during those hours. We do not operate on Saturday, or Sunday and most major holidays.

Payment is due at the time of service in full. We accept cash, checks (no out of state checks), and credit cards. Credit cards may be processed 48hours in advance of your appointment. We do to accept post dated checks.

*Payment Terms:
The customer agrees to pay the price quoted when making a reservation with Stress Maid Less LLC in full prior to or at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

*Late payment fee;
A fee of $15.00 will be assessed for late payments. Any monies owed must be paid on or before the next scheduled appointment. Stress Maid Less LLC reserves the right to cancel or suspend service until the account has been brought to current. In addition to the above, the customer agrees to pay Stress Maid Less LLC for any legal expenses occurred while litigating outstanding fees that the customer has failed to pay.

We unfortunately do not offer refunds

*Return check fee:
A $45.00 fee will be assessed for all cancelled or returned checks.

*Late Cancellations:
We require a 48hr business day notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment. A fee of 50% of your full price will be assessed if the proper time is not given. Please see our “Policy” page for more information.

We charge the full amount of your cleaning if we arrive to your home and do not have access. Please see our “Policy page” for more information.

Please be sure to secure your pets if they are a risk for ‘escaping” as we enter and exit your home, or have us enter and exit where your pet does not have access to. We must ask you also secure any animal in your home that poses a threat. As a pet owner, you agree to take full responsibility if your pet harms one of our staff, including medical and legal fees. We unfortunately do not clean up after a sick pet, or if the pet has had an accident. We will avoid those areas as this presents a bio hazard for our staff. If you would like for our staff to give your pet a treat, please provide your permission in writing to our office. Due to liability reasons, we will not let your pet outside.

We will pay up to $100.00 per breakage or damaged item when the value is verified from the time of purchase. If damage exceeds $100.00, we will file a liability claim with our insurance company and an investigation will be opened. If an item is part of a set, we will only cover the cost of the broken or damaged piece and not the cost of the whole set. In some circumstances, we will have the broken item repaired by a professional restoration company and cover the cost up to the value of the item when verified.
We are not held liable for sentimental items, one of a kind items, pictures or any wall décor, items that are on an unstable base, fine china, or items that were previously broken. Please put these items in a place we do not clean.
Stress Maid Less LLC has a warranty period of 48hrs from the day of completion of the cleaning if you happen o notice something broken or damaged. Notifications filed more than 48hrs after the completion of cleaning falls outside the warranty period and therefore may not be covered.

Our staffs safety is a priority. We are unable to clean up blood, vomit, feces, urine and large amounts of bodily fluids. We reserve the right to leave your home and payment will be due in full in the event of; illegal drug activity, domestic violence, violence of any kind, dog abuse, child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual remarks, verbal abuse or being belligerent, weapons being left out, or occupants intoxicated.

*Snow and Ice:
When inclement weather hits we ask that you have a passable walk way for our staff to enter your home. Stress Maid Less reserves the right to reschedule your cleaning if your drive way, or walk way is covered in several inches of snow and ice. This is unsafe for our staff.

Our employees are very important to us and we are determined to keep them safe. We do not lift an item more than 25lbs, use more than a 2 step ladder and will not move appliances, flip mattresses, or move heavy furniture. These types of activities puts our staff at risk for injuries and could damage something in your home. If you would like these items cleaned behind, please move them prior to our arrival so we can have access to these areas.

*Additional Services:
Any additional services you request must go through our office prior to your appointment for approval. Our staff is not authorized to agree to perform extra services or make changes to the service being provided. If work is provided by the staff without getting approval from our office and damage occurs to your home then the staff member who provided the work is solely responsible. The customer must not request such changes directly from our staff . All communication must go through our office.

It is never required to tip our staff, however it is a nice way to show appreciation for a job well done. The amount it tip is solely up tp you. Please directly tip your cleaner as we can not accept the monetary amount in with your cleaning fee.

Stress Maid Less LLC increases their fees as the cost of business increases. This may be done with or without notice.

*Sales Tax:
Stress Maid Less LLC charges a 7% sales tax to all clients as required by law.

*Our Guarantee:
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with our any part of our service, please contact us with in 24hrs of your cleaning and we will return to re-clean the area(s) you were not satisfied with. If you happen to be home during our service and notice something you are not satisfied with, please let our staff know so we can remedy the situation immediately.

** Please reschedule your cleaning if you will be having any work performed on your home, or if everyone is home from school or work. This makes are job more difficult to work around everyone. It also means the service we provide will not look as if we’ve been there when there are occupants going in and out, or stepping on our floors and carpeting. Creating saw dust or drywall dust, or putting drop clothes over furniture and dripping splatters of paint. Often in these situations, some unities need to be suspended which we need to do our job.

*No Engagement of Cleaners:
The customer acknowledges Stress Maid Less LLC invest significant resources in recruiting, selecting, and training its employees. Unless Stress Maid Less LLC gives prior written permission, the customer must not directly, or indirectly engage, employee or contact any employee of Stress Maid Less LLC for domestic services for the customer or any associate of the customer for any period during which services are provided by Stress Maid Less LLC or for the period within 12 months after the conclusion of any services. The customer acknowledges Stress Maid Less LLC may suffer loss and damage as a result of breach of this clause by the customer and our referral fee is $2500.00 per employee due immediately. The customer will also pay all legal fees incurred.